What is gamification?

Gamification is include game mechanics as points, achievements or ranks on non-games platforms to achieve a special bond with users and encourage their behaviour. That is, create a unique and motivating experience to our users.

What benefits offers the gamification?

Better user experience

Engagement will lead to an increase in recall and retention.


Gamification enhances the philosophy of giving and receiving.


Creates a fun environment to make your users loyal.


Reward the user’s progress will involve them with your project while entertain them.


Gamification offers a simple way to communicate what the next stage is, so use it to guide the user.

Increase user activity

Allowing users to engage as they please creates deeper and more meaningful engagement and motivation.

How can I apply gamification?

There are many ways to apply gamification in any interactive environment, If you have a website with WordPress, then you should take a look to this page below where we explain how to gamify your WordPress easily and for free.