This document explain licenses just for assets.
For add-ons licenses, check this document.

Do I need to renew an asset license?

No, asset’s licenses are one-time payment and don’t need to be renewed. Also, you have unlimited access to the asset’s updates.

Basic license vs Extended license

Basic LicenseExtended License
Can you share any image?NoNo
Can you remix, transform or modify any image?YesYes
Can you share the remixed, transformed or modified images?NoNo
Can you use an image for commercial use?*YesYes
Can you use or resell an image as a part of a service (eg. on a client website)?NoYes**
Can you use any image on multiples websites?Yes
On websites you own
On websites you own or manage (client websites)
Can you use an image as part of a logo?NoNo
Can you use a modified version of an image as part of a logo?YesYes

* What does commercial use mean?
Commercial use refers to income-generating use of any kind, whether direct or indirect.

** You cannot resell an image directly (share), individually or as part of an image bundle.
However, you can upload and use the image on any of the websites you own or manage (client websites).

What license covers the Free version of an asset?

The basic license.

Do you offer customizations of purchased assets? (eg: a new image, custom color palette, a modification of an existent image, etc)

No, check our support policy for full information about support included in our licenses.

Can I request a refund?

For our protection, no refunds are allowed for assets.

Assets can be completely previewed before the purchase through the images displayed on the “Screenshots” section where you are able to see all unique designs contained (with a water mark to avoid subtractions) and the different color palletes included. In addition, you will find a table with all details (like formats and image sizes) on the asset’s page.

For more information about refunds, and other matters pertaining to your purchase, view our refunds policy.