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Theme and plugins conflict test

We cannot provide support for third-party plugins and themes.
Please, contact to the plugin or theme author to let them know the issues you found.

Almost half of tickets we receive are related to issues caused by conflicts with third-party themes and plugins.

To troubleshoot theme and plugin conflicts check the following steps.

1 – Switch to a default WordPress theme

Switch to one of the default themes that comes installed on your WordPress by default like Twenty Seventeen.

Does that fix it?

  • If yes, contact your theme developer about the issue. There may be an update that solves it.
  • If the problem persists using a default theme, go to the next step.

2 – Deactivate all non GamiPress plugins

Deactivate temporarily all your plugins, except GamiPress and the gamipress.com add-on(s) giving trouble.

In addition, if your problem comes with one of our integrations keep active GamiPress, integrated plugin (eg: WooCommerce) and our integration plugin that connects both plugins (eg: GamiPress – WooCommerce Integration).

Does that fix it?

  • If yes, there‚Äôs likely a conflict with one of the disabled plugins. To pinpoint which one, reactivate plugins (one at a time), repeat the actions taken when the issue appeared, and see when/if the issue reappears.
  • If the issue remains while running a default theme and no extra plugins activated, go to the next step.

3 – Contact Us

Contact us to let us investigate and advise. In the support ticket, provide us with as much info as possible.

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