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Self-Service Guide

Review this guide to see if these solutions apply before submitting a ticket.

Top of most common issues

Having an issue with GamiPress? Our aim is to help you solve it!

According to stats, most are caused by:

Outdated software

Keeping software up to date better protects your website against hacking. The latest versions of WordPress, GamiPress, and GamiPress add-ons, as well as your theme and other plugins, often have bug fixes that resolve the current trouble you’re having.

Probably, you have heard the same over and over again, but, updating your software is the best way to avoid conflict and security issues.

Theme and plugins conflicts

Almost half of tickets we receive are related to issues caused by conflicts with third-party themes and plugins.

To troubleshoot theme and plugin conflicts we build this guide about how to perform a theme and plugins conflict test.

Setting up GamiPress

Much of the tickets are related to setting up different aspects of GamiPress. Documentation is your best friend here, as we try to document and explain everything.

Other recommended reads are the Getting Started and the Tutorials that will help to setup everything in a few minutes.

Help with customizations

We’re unable to provide custom development services, as our focus is developing the core GamiPress plugin, and the official GamiPress add-ons.

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