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Dropdowns not working

GamiPress includes a fantastic drop down that let’s you search on options available. Probably the first time you see it is while setting up some requirements or when you are using our shortcodes editor or setting up one of our widgets.

If you are experiencing issues with our dropdowns on your site, it means that any of the plugins or your current theme installed is causing Javascript errors on your site.

The unique way to find which is causing the issue is by perform a theme and plugins conflict test and contact to the plugin or theme author to let them know this issue.

Note for developers

WooCommerce has released a self-managed version of Select2 named SelectWoo, the GamiPress team has following the same workflow creating the self-managed version of Select2 named gamipress_select2.

If you have developed any add-on using the Select2 functionality, you need to replace all selec2() calls to gamipress_select2().

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