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General Tools

You will find the General Tools on your WordPress admin area navigating to the GamiPress menu -> Tools -> General tab.

Bulk Awards Tool

This tool is designed to easily award anything to all or a group of users. It brings the possibility to bulk award a points amount of a desired type, achievement(s) and ranks(s).

Note: When bulk awarding a points amount, the desired amount will be added to the current user points balance.
Note: When bulk awarding a rank, users on higher priority rank won’t be awarded, because they are already on a higher rank.

Bulk Revokes Tool

This tool has the same functionality as the Bulk Awards Tools with difference that things will be revoke to all or a group of users.

Note: When bulk revoking a points amount, user points balance never will come negative, it will be turned to 0.
Note: When bulk revoking a rank, users on lower priority rank won’t be revoked, because they are already on a lower rank.

Recount Activity Tool

This tool will try to sync old activity with your already configured GamiPress install. GamiPress logs will be updated with all the activity stored in your WordPress database and the already configured points awards and achievements will be awarded too.

Note: Some activity may not be possible to recount (like user log in or daily visits) because there are not registries stored in your WordPress database.

Important: If emails to notify users about new earnings are enabled is possible that users will receive a lot of emails so is recommendable to deactivate them temporally.

Clean Data Tool

Occasionally, as a consequence of the deletion of data, there may be entries that are not related to any other, like a step without an achievement. This tool will search this data to completely remove it from your server.

The Clean Data Tool has been removed since version 1.5.1.

Logs Clean Up Tool

This tool was designed to let you clean up the logs database from old entries.

For example, if you want to delete all “Event Trigger” logs until 2020, simply chose the log type “Event Trigger” and set as to date the “2019-12-31”.

This tool also includes a button named “Count Logs” that will let you preview how many entries will get deleted.

Note: Commonly, logs database tables could get a great number of entries since all events, unlocks and award will be registered here.
The most common logs type to remove could be the old “Event triggers” and also the admin awards related logs.

Important: Is recommended to contact to your hosting provider to get a backup of this table, because if at some moment you want to restore this information you can get all the old data on a database backup (remember to backup the logs meta table too).

Reset Data Tool

This tool will reset all selected data from your WordPress database. It is perfect to clean a GamiPress install after make tests.

Important! Just use this tool on a test environment or if really you know what are you doing.

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