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Output previous, current and/or next rank of an user.



  • type – The rank type to display. Accepts: Any slug of a rank type.
  • prev_rank – Show the previous user rank. Default: yes
  • current_rank – Show the current user rank. Default: yes
  • next_rank – Show the next user rank. Default: yes
  • current_user – Show the current logged in user ranks. Default: yes
  • user_id – Show a specific user ranks.
  • columns – Columns to divide ranks. Accepts: 1, 2, 3 Default: 1
  • This shortcode accepts all attributes of [gamipress_rank] to setup the rank display.

[gamipress_user_rank type="level" prev_rank="yes" current_rank="yes" next_rank="yes" current_user="yes" columns="3"]

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