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Output an user points balance.


  • type – Single, or comma-separated list of, points type(s) to display. Accepts: all or any slug of any points type. Default: all
  • thumbnail – Display the points type featured image. Accepts: yes, no Default: yes
  • label – Display the points type label (singular or plural name, based on the amount of points). Accepts: yes, no Default: yes
  • current_user – Show points balance of current logged in user. Accepts: yes, no Default: no
  • user_id – Show only points earned by a specific user. Leave blank to show points of logged in user.
  • inline – Display the points inline (as text). Accepts: yes, no Default: no
  • columns – Columns to divide each points balance. Accepts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Default: 1
  • layout – Layout to show the points. Accepts: left, top, right, bottom or none Default: left
  • wpms – Show points from all network sites.

Example: [gamipress_points type="all" columns="3" thumbnail="yes" label="yes" user_id="1" layout="left"]

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