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Render a single achievement.



  • id – The ID of the achievement to render.
  • title – Display the achievement title. Default: yes
  • link – Add a link on achievement title to the achievement page. Default: yes
  • thumbnail – Display the achievement featured image. Default: yes
  • points_awarded – Display the achievement points awarded (on achievements where this setting is set). Default: yes
  • excerpt – Display the achievement short description. Default: yes
  • times_earned – Display the times user has earned this achievement (on achievements allowed to be earned more that 1 time). Default: yes
  • steps – Display the achievement steps. Default: yes
  • toggle – Display the achievement steps toggle. Default: yes
  • unlock_button – Display the “Unlock using points” (on achievements where unlock with points is allowed). Default: yes
  • earners – Display a list of users that has earned the achievement. Default: no
  • earners_limit – Set the maximum number of earners to show (0 for no maximum). Default: 0
  • layout – Layout to show the achievement. Accepts: left, top, right, bottom or none Default: left

[gamipress_achievement id="1" title="yes" link="yes" thumbnail="yes" excerpt="yes" times_earned="yes" steps="yes" toggle="yes" earners="no" layout="left"]

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