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What is GamiPress?

No matter what type of WordPress site you’re running – be it a blog, an online store, a business site, or something else – you face the challenge of drawing visitors in and convincing them to become recurring users. GamiPress is a unique plugin that can help you achieve this goal through a strategy called “gamification”.

In this article, we’ll explain what GamiPress is and the fundamentals of how it works. By the end, you should have an idea of how you can put our plugin to work on your site to increase engagement and user retention. Let’s dive in!

GamiPress and it’s benefits

GamiPress is a free WordPress gamification plugin. It enables you to incorporate features common in gameplay into your website, such as point systems and competition between users.

One of the most common examples of gamification is that of Starbucks loyalty program. Customers can download the official app and earn “stars” for every purchase they make. They can then redeem these digital rewards for free drinks or food.

However, you can use gamification to incentivize any kind of interaction with your site. For example, bloggers can give readers badges for commenting on posts. You could also reward users for signing up for accounts or subscribing to your mailing list. Education and training sites often award students virtual stickers for completing lessons.

This can provide a wide range of benefits to your brand. First and foremost, gamification drives user engagement. It incentivizes interaction with your website by promising some kind of reward in exchange.

Additionally, playing games triggers the release of dopamine in our brains, which can cause visitors to associate positive emotions with your website. This can lead to increased brand loyalty and keep users coming back to your site.

Overall, this makes gamification excellent for lead generation as well as user retention. Whether you’re trying to get a new brand up and running or are hoping to grow an existing site, you stand to benefit from implementing different types of digital rewards.

Understanding digital rewards in GamiPress

In order to incentivize users and encourage them to engage with your site, you’ll need to offer them something to work towards. GamiPress enables you to create three types of digital rewards – points, achievements, and ranks. Each can be further broken down into multiple custom “types”.

You can combine rewards and types in any way you want to create your own unique gamification system. Below, we’ve explored the basics to give you a starting point to work from.


This kind of reward acts as a digital wallet for users. They can collect points while interacting with your site, then use them to “buy” coupons, access to content, products, or other prizes. In our previous example referring to Starbucks loyalty program, “stars” are a type of point.

Other common types of points you may be familiar with include coins, credits, and gems. However, when it comes to GamiPress, you can create as many point types as you want and call them whatever you like.

Once you’ve installed and activated GamiPress, just navigate to GamiPress > Point Types > Add New:

Here you can name your point type, specify how users earn points of this type, and how they lose them. Out of the box, some of the available “events” that can trigger gains or losses include registering for an account, commenting on a post, or reaching certain achievements or ranks (more on those shortly).

However, you can also integrate GamiPress with other plugins to access new events and award or deduct points accordingly. Some popular ones include WooCommerce, LearnDash, BuddyBoss, The Events Calendar, and Gravity Forms.

Tutorial – Creating a points type


Upon completion of certain requirements, users can acquire an achievement. This reward often takes the form of “badges” or “stickers” that users can display on their profiles.

Achievements are commonly used on online learning platforms to reward students for completing lessons. However, they’re also effective for encouraging users to fill out their account information, log in regularly, comment on posts, and more.

To create achievements with GamiPress, you’ll first need to name the achievement type by navigating to GamiPress > Achievement Types > Add New:

Once you’ve filled out the required information for creating a new achievement type and saved it, a new Achievements menu will appear in your dashboard sidebar. Each achievement type will have its own submenu as well.

For example, if you created a Badge achievement type, you could go to Achievements > Badges to add individual rewards of that type and specify how users can earn them:

You can create multiple instances of each achievement type, as well. For instance, you might award badges to users when they register for accounts, the first time they log in, when they leave their first comments, and so on.

Tutorial – Creating an achievement type


Similar to achievements, ranks are awarded when users complete certain tasks. However, in this case, the criteria must be met in a specific order. Reaching a higher rank might provide access to exclusive products or content, better loyalty discounts, etc.

This kind of reward encourages users to interact with your site in order to “level up”. Ranks can therefore create a sense of friendly competition between users, providing additional motivation for them to further engage with your brand so they can one-up others.

“Levels” and “grades” are common types of ranks you can create with GamiPress. To do so, go to GamiPress > Rank Types > Add New:

Like with achievements, here you’ll only name your rank type. You can define specific levels and requirements afterward by going to the Ranks area of your dashboard, which will appear in your sidebar after you add your first rank type:

Again, each rank type will also have its own submenu in your WordPress dashboard sidebar so you can easily access and make changes to individual rewards.

Note that you won’t be able to add any requirements for the lowest level of a specific rank type. This will be the default rank new users are assigned to. You’ll then define what users must accomplish in order to reach the subsequent levels.

Tutorial – Creating a rank type


Put simply, gamification makes your website more fun to use. Your visitors will feel more inclined to return to your site, leave comments, make purchases, and more when they can earn rewards for doing so. GamiPress is an easy and free way to implement this strategy and boost engagement as well as brand loyalty.

With our gamification plugin, you can offer three different types of digital rewards to your users:

  1. Points: Users can collect various types of points by completing certain tasks on your site, then use them to “buy” other prizes.
  2. Achievements: Usually taking the form of badges, achievements reward users for meeting certain requirements.
  3. Ranks: When users meet the criteria you’ve defined in a specific order, they can “level up” and earn higher ranks.

You can learn more about these digital rewards and how to create them with GamiPress by reading our dedicated articles in our documentation!

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