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General Tools

Recount Activity Tool
This tool will try to sync old activity with your already configured GamiPress install. GamiPress logs will be updated with all the activity stored in your WordPress database and the already configured points awards and achievements will be awarded too.

Note: Some activity may not be possible to recount (like user log in or daily visits) because there are not registries stored in your WordPress database.

Clean Data Tool
Occasionally, as a consequence of the deletion of data, there may be entries that are not related to any other, like a step without an achievement. This tool will search this data to completely remove it from your server.

Reset Data Tool
This tool will reset all selected data from your WordPress database. It is perfect to clean a GamiPress install after make tests.

Important! Just use this tool on a test environment or if really you know what are you doing.

Import/Export Tools

Import/Export Settings Tool
This tool allows you to export and import all the configuration, which is idea to migrate the configuration between sites.

System Tools

On this tools section you will find a large tables with technical information about your server, your WordPress installation and your GamiPress installation.

This information is very useful when debugging, and the GamiPress support team may ask you for it at some point to help you solve any issue you reported.

At bottom of this tools section you will find the “Download System Info File” button that will allow you to simply save all of that information to a .txt file. This allows you to easily deliver it, for example, through email.

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