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Rank Types

GamiPress lets you to define unlimited ranks that your users can reach named rank types. You can configure as many rank types as you like: Grade, Level, etc, and in each rank type you can configure unlimited ranks that your users can reach for interacting with your site.

Configuring a rank type

When you create a rank type you can set up the singular and plural name to be used when GamiPress works with this rank type.

Also there is a special field named slug. The slug field is used for internal references, as some shortcode attributes, to completely differentiate this rank type from any other. The slug follows the same workflow as WordPress so if you set up an rank type like “My Rank Type” the slug for this achievement type should be “my-rank-type”. Leave this field blank to let to GamiPress generate one based on the singular name.

Adding a rank

After adding a new rank type a new menu will appear in your admin area named Ranks. Inside the ranks menu will appear new sub menus with each rank type registered to let you manage the ranks similar to WordPress default posts or pages.

On the rank edit screen you have the Rank Data box that includes some useful options to configure the way an rank can be achieve. The available options are:

Sequential Requirements:
Checking this option will force users to complete the rank requirements in order.

Show Earners:
Checking this option will add a list of users who have earned this rank on the rank single view.

Congratulations Text:
The text displayed after rank is earned.

Allow unlock with points:
Checking this option will allow users to unlock this rank by expend an amount of points.

Points to Unlock:
Amount of points needed to optionally unlock this rank by expending them.

Points Type to Unlock:
Points type of points required to unlock this rank by expending them (optional).

For each rank you create you can configure an unlimited number of requirements to be considered an user can reach the rank. For more information about how this requirements work visit this page.

The rank priority

On the rank edit screen you have the Rank Details box that includes a field named priority.

The rank priority defines the order an user needs to follow to being earning each rank. Every time you configure a new rank type, all users will get by default the rank with the lowest priority, so user just will be able to achieve the requirements of the next rank.

Manually set an user rank

Administrators that meet the minimum role to administer GamiPress can set manually a specific rank to the user from the user edit profile screen. Automatically this action will be registered on GamiPress logs using the “Rank Awarded” log pattern.

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