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Configuring a points gateway

You will find the Points Gateways settings on your WordPress admin area navigating to the WooCommerce menu -> Settings -> Checkout tab.

All points types will be listed here as available gateways to be used in your WooCommerce store.

Configuring a points gateway

Clicking on the points gateway sub-tab you will be able to edit the gateway settings:

From this settings you can enbale/disable the gateway and customize the text to be shown at checkout.

The most important field to configure is the exchange conversion that defines the conversion rate between this points type and your available currency.

The value of exchange conversion will define the value in points of a money of your currency (for example $1) and this amount will be applied on checkout when user choose this gateway as a payment method.

Setting a exchange conversion to 100 points, will set a conversion rate of 1:100 which means an user can complete a purchase of $10 by expending 1000 points of this type.

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