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Configuring a points type for partial payments

On each points type edit screen, you will see a new box with the title “WooCommerce Partial Payments” like this:

Enable Partial Payments
This option, unchecked by default, enables the points type to be used for partial payments.

Conversion Rate
From this option you can configure the conversion rate between this points type and your currency.

The value of conversion rate will define the value in points in money of your currency (for example $1) and this amount will be applied when the user uses this points type for partial payments.

Setting a conversion rate of 100 points to $1, which means that every 100 points of this type the user uses for partial payments will get a price reduction of $1, if user uses 1000 points then will get a price reduction of $10.

Note: Maximum discount amount per purchase can be setup through the settings.

Initial Amount
The initial amount of points. This option sets the initial value of the points input.

Maximum Amount
The maximum amount of points allowed to use (this limitation will be applied to the points input too).

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