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After configure points types to be used for partial payments, a new option will be displayed at checkout like this:

If user clicks on the link, a new form will be displayed:

Note: The preview text will be live updated while the user changes the points amount field or the points type field.

If you have configured multiples points types to be used for partial payments, users will be able to select which type to use:

If user applies a specific points type in a purchase, he won’t be able to apply more partial payments of this type. He may require to remove the partial payment and then enter it again if he wants to modify it.

Points inputs

Through the settings, you are able to select the field type of the points input. There is a preview of the different types included:

Note: The “Fixed” input won’t allow users to modify the points amount to apply as partial payment.

Partial payments applied

All partial payments applied will be displayed automatically at checkout.

In each partial payment line, the user has a “Remove” link where he will be able to remove the partial payment (this workflow is similar to the standard discounts remove link).

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