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Render an rank transfer form.


  • id – The rank ID to transfer.
  • select_rank – Allow user to select a specific rank to transfer. If rank ID is set it will be used as initial rank selected. Default: yes
  • button_text – Transfer button text. Default: Transfer
  • recipient_id – User that will receive the transfer.
  • select_recipient – Allow user to select a specific transfer recipient. If recipient is set it will be used as initial recipient selected. Default: no
  • recipient_placeholder – Recipient input placeholder text. Default: Enter username or email
  • recipient_autocomplete – Enabling this functionality will add user suggestions to the recipient field.If this option is not enabled, user will be required to provide exactly the recipient user name or email. Default: no
  • This shortcode accepts all attributes of [gamipress_rank] to setup the rank display.

[gamipress_rank_transfer id="123" select_rank="yes" button_text="Transfer" recipient_id="1" select_recipient="yes" thumbnail="yes" excerpt="yes" steps="yes" toggle="yes" earners="no"]

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