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Configuring the rewards of a time-based reward

When you are editing a time-based reward, you will be able to configure the posible rewards that will be awarded for claim the time-based reward from the Rewards box:

Clicking on Add New Reward you will be adding posible rewards that users will have the chance to earn every time they claim this time based reward.

1 – Reward type

The reward type field let’s you choose between one of the GamiPress types you setup (points types, achievement types or rank types).

Note: If you choose an achievement type or a rank type, a new field will being displayed to let you choose the achievement or rank you want to award.

2 – Always included

All rewards you setup has a chance to appear as reward or not, the add-on decides it randomly with a chance of 50% for each reward.

Checking this field will force this reward to being included as a 100% secure reward on each claim.

For example, if you set a “Points” reward and you want to always award points on each claim, then check this field and included if the quantity that randomly the add-on generates (based on min and max fields) is 0, with this setting checked the add-on will force it to appear.

3 – Min and max

The min and max fields defines the range of values that Time-based Rewards add-on will work when awards this specific reward on a claim.

Note: If min field is 0, it add the chance of a reward that is being awarded to don’t get awarded if the random quantity is 0 to.

Note 2: You can force a specific amount setting the same min and max field.
For example, to force to award 1 badge, set min and max to 1. To force to award 200 points, set min and max to 200.

Note 3: Min and max fields won’t appear for ranks rewards since ranks can be awarded only 1 time.

4 – Label

The label field is used to display the reward’s information on the pop-up displayed after claim the time-based reward.

For example, if you set a “Points” reward in a range of 100 (min field) and 500 (max field) is posible that an user earn “300 points”

For this “300 points” reward, there is how the label tags will be displayed:
“{amount} {label}” -> “300 Points”
“{label}x{amount}” -> “Pointsx300”

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