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Configuring a time-based reward

Time-based Rewards add-on will add the “Time-based Rewards” submenu under the GamiPress menu.

Accessing to this menu you will be able to start configuring time-based rewards similar to WordPress post/pages views.

1 – Recurrence time

The fist and most important setting of a time-based reward is the recurrence time. This setting allows you to define the time an user needs to wait to claim the time-based reward.

You will find this setting on the Configuration box:

The recurrence time in which the user can get this reward again.
Note: This field defines how much time an user needs to wait to earn it again, not defines an specific hour, for example, setting this field to 2:30:00 means that you want to allow to claim it every 2 hours and 30 minutes.
Note: First time is based on the time-based reward publication date.

2 – Texts

You will find the text fields on the Configuration box (there is a screenshot on the previous section) and them will allow you override the default text setup on the add-on settings from the buttons texts until the pop-up content.

If you want to keep any text from the settings, simply, leave the texts fields you want empty.

3 – Rewards

From the Rewards box you will be able to configure the possible rewards that will be awarded for claim the time-based reward.

The way to configure them is really easy and you will get familiarized with it quickly. You can check this guide that will help you to configure them.

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