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Configure submissions

On every achievement and rank edit screen you will see a new meta box where you can configure the submission settings for this element.

Allow unlock through submission
Check this option to allow users unlock through an admin reviewed submission.

Submission toggle button text
The submission toggle button text. By default, “Show submission form”. Leave empty to disable the toggle button.
Note: The toggle button will be displayed only if notes are active.

Submission submit button text
The submission button text. By default, “Submit”.

Allow submission notes
Check this option to allow users to enter notes with their submission.

Notes input label
The notes input label. By default, “Describe why you should earn this item:”.

Auto-approve submissions
Check this option to approve submission automatically without need to review them.

Displaying the submission form

After configure an achievement or rank to accept submissions, you have 2 ways to display the submission form:

1) On blocks (shortcodes and widgets) where an achievement or rank can be displayed you will get the option “Show Submissions” to display it.
For shortcodes, there will be the “submissions” attribute that accepts the “yes” or “no” values.
Example: [gamipress_achievement id="123" submissions="yes"]

2) You can place a submission form anywhere, including in-line on any page or post, using the [gamipress_submission] shortcode or block.
Also, you can place a submission form on any sidebar through widgets provided by this add-on.

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