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Render buttons to let users share the current post.


  • title – Title to display before render the buttons. Default: Share it!
  • alignment – Set the buttons alignment. Accepts: left, center or right Default: left
  • twitter – Enable or disable Twitter share button. Accepts: yes or no Default: yes
  • twitter_pattern – Tweet message pattern. Available tags:

    Default: {title} on {site_name}

  • twitter_username – Attribution of the Tweet source. Attribution will appear at the end of the Tweet as “via @username”.
  • twitter_count_boxAccepts: vertical, horizontal, none Default: vertical
  • twitter_button_sizeAccepts: medium, large Default: medium
  • facebook – Enable or disable Facebook share button. Accepts: yes or no Default: yes
  • facebook_actionAccepts: like, recommend Default: like
  • facebook_button_layoutAccepts: standard, box_count, button_count, button Default: button
  • facebook_button_sizeAccepts: small, large Default: small
  • facebook_share Default: no
  • google_plus – Enable or disable Google+ share button Accepts: yes or no Default: yes
  • google_plus_button_annotationAccepts: bubble, inline, none Default: bubble
  • google_plus_button_sizeAccepts: small, medium, standard, tall Default: tall
  • google_plus_button_recommendations Default: no
  • linkedin – Enable or disable LinkedIn share button. Accepts: yes or no Default: yes
  • linkedin_counterAccepts: top, right, none Default: none

Example: [gamipress_social_share title="Share it!" twitter="yes" twitter_pattern="{title} on {site_name}" twitter_count_box="vertical" twitter_button_size="medium" facebook="yes" facebook_action="like" facebook_button_layout="button" facebook_button_size="small" google_plus="yes" google_plus_button_annotation="bubble" google_plus_button_size="tall" linkedin="yes" linkedin_counter="none"]

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