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  3. [gamipress_posts_restricted]


Renders a list of posts restricted.


  • type – Types of posts to list. Accepts: all or a comma-separated list of post types to render. Default: all
  • current_user – Show only posts restricted to the current logged in user. Default: no
  • user_id – Show only posts restricted of a specific user.
  • exclude_unlocked – Exclude posts that user already got access. Default: no
  • orderby – Parameter to use for sorting. Accepts: id, title, menu_order, date, modified, rand Default: id
  • order – Sort order. Accepts: asc, desc Default: asc
  • exclude – Comma-separated list of specific posts IDs to exclude.

Example: [gamipress_posts_restricted type="all" current_user="yes" user_id="1" exclude_unlocked="yes" orderby="id" order="asc" exclude="1,2,3"]

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