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Getting Started

Rest API Extended introduces new rest API endpoints to extend interaction between your gamification environment and external applications.

This add-on completely makes use of the official WordPress rest API. For any question about WordPress rest API like endpoints, CRUD operations or authorization, please, check the official rest API handbook.

Also, you should revise the add-on configuration to setup the base URL you want since this will affect to all endpoints.


Any endpoint from Rest API Extended add-on requires an administrator logged in on rest API.

Log in on your dashboard won’t log in you on rest API!

Check authentication chapter from WordPress rest API handbook for more information.


You can make a rest API discovery by perform a request to /wp/v2/{base-url}.
Since base URL by default is “gamipress”, the discovery endpoint by default is /wp/v2/gamipress

Points Extended Controller
Get points
Award points
Deduct points
Achievements Extended Controller
Get achievements
Award achievement
Revoke achievement
Ranks Extended Controller
Get rank
Get next rank
Get previous rank
Award rank
Revoke rank
Upgrade to next rank
Downgrade to previous rank
Requirements Extended Controller
Award requirement
Revoke requirement

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