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Comparison charts

Comparison charts provided on GamiPress – Reports add-on are an useful tool to meet behavior trends of your users in different time periods. Here you will meet how to interpret the data shown and all the possibilities that their offer to you.

There is a example display of a comparison chart:

Data in a comparison chart

Period Range
At top of any comparison chart you will see time periods shown. On this comparison chart, we are looking third week of February 2018 (from 12th to 18th) and the chart is comparing it with the previous week (from 5th to 11th).

Graph Stats
Graph stats also will look different for each period making previous period graph a bit more transparent than current period graph.

At bottom of any comparison chart you will see the full amount of the current time periods shown.

After the full amount, you will see the increment (in green) or decrement (in red) of the total compared with the previous period. This shows the difference between time periods in a flat amount and as percent.

On this comparison chart, we have a total of 30 with a increment of +8 (+26.67%) which means that current period has an increment of 8 with regards to previous period that was 22.

Stat details
Place the cursor over any graph stat you want to see details about the amount of a specific stat:

Period Ranges

Currently, comparison charts support 3 different period ranges: week, month and year. There is a example of each period range:

Chart controls

All data is live loaded (without refresh the page), so clicking on time period navigation controls (previous and next period) you will be able to navigate to the time period you want.

Same happens with period ranges, clicking on them will update in live the comparison chart with the desired period range.

Hide a period graph

Clicking on the chart legend, you will toggle the visibility of the time period you want.

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