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WooCommerce integration

Referrals add-on includes buil-in integration with WooCommerce that will get activated automatically at the moment that WooCommerce is installed.

New Events

Here are the new events added to Referrals when WooCommerce is detected:

  • Get a referral sale When an affiliate gets a new referral sale.
  • Complete a purchase through a referral When an user purchases a product through a referral.
  • Get a referral sale refunded When an affiliate sale gets refunded.
  • Refund product purchased through a referral When an user refunds a product that was purchased through a referral.

Sale Commissions

On every points type edit screen you will find a new box named Referrals – Sale Commissions:

From this box you can configure the commission percent to award of this points type to your affiliates on referral purchases. By default, this commission is disabled for all points types.

The commission percent can be configured in the following ways:

  • A 100% will award the same purchase total as commission (e.g. $40 = 40 points).
  • A 200% will award the double of the purchase total as commission (e.g. $40 = 80 points).
  • A 50% will award the half of the purchase total as commission (e.g. $40 = 20 points).

If you set the commission to 0, then the commission will get disabled for this points type.

In addition, the sale commission includes support for refunded referral purchases, this means that at the moment a purchase where the user has earned a points commission gets refunded, automatically the points will get revoked to the user too.

Sale commissions in user earnings

When the user earns a sale commission (or a referral purchase with a commission gets refunded) a new user earning entry will appear with the points amount awarded and with the sale total to confirm that the amount is correct:

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