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Render an achievement purchase form.

Important: Remember that to work with a desired achievement, is required to configure the access price of the desired achievement.


  • id – The ID of the achievement to be purchased.
  • getaways – Choose the payment methods customer can use. Accepts: all, bank_transfer, paypal_standard Default: all
  • acceptance – Add a required acceptance checkbox (important to meet with GDPR). Accepts: yes or no Default: yes
  • acceptance_text – Text to show for the required acceptance checkbox. Default: I consent to the collection of data provided above
  • button_text – Purchase button text. Default: Purchase
  • This shortcode accepts all attributes of [gamipress_achievement] to setup the achievement display.

[gamipress_achievement_purchase id="123" getaways="all" button_text="Purchase" thumbnail="yes" excerpt="yes" steps="yes" toggle="yes" earners="no"]

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