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Getting Started

Progress gives you the ability to easily show to your users their progress of completion of any achievement, step, points type and/or points award.

You can follow this guide to configure the progress to be shown.

Is recommendable to check this page to meet how progress will be calculated.

In addition, add-on includes Progress block, [gamipress_progress] shortcode and GamiPress: Progress widget to render the setup element progress anywhere included a progress based on a custom goal (points amount, achievements unlocked and current rank).

Progress adds the progress parameter to all shortcodes where posible to allow you disable the output of any progress configured.

The list of shortcodes with that supports the progress attribute are:

Example: [gamipress_achievements progress="no"]

Also, Progress adds a new field on widgets and on shortcode editor to allow you disable the output too.

In addition, you can check the Tips & Tricks page where you can find some hidden features of Progress.

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