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You will find the Points Payout settings on your WordPress admin area navigating to the GamiPress menu -> Settings -> Add-ons tab.

Points Payout History Page
Page to show a complete points payout history for the current user, including each points payout details. The [gamipress_points_payout_history] shortcode should be on this page.
Note: On install this add-on, automatically will create a page with the title “Points Payout History” with the [gamipress_points_payout_history] shortcode as content.

Payment method text
The payment method text displayed on points payout forms and history where users can enter the way to pay them.
You can enter a text like “PayPal Email”, “Payment Email” or “Bank account” to let user know the way you will process the payment.
By default, “Payment Method”.

The currency to display on all purchases. Note that some payment gateways have currency restrictions.

Currency position
Location of the currency sign. Available options are before price or after price.

Thousand separator
The symbol (usually , or .) to separate thousands.

Decimal separator
The symbol (usually , or .) to separate decimals.

Number of decimals
Number of decimals points.

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