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QR Codes

Points Cards includes the built-in feature to automatically generate a QR code associated to each points card generated in your site.

This QR code makes the points card redemption progress easier because at the moment a commerce scans the QR code, will get redirected automatically to the redemption page you have configured in settings and the form will be auto filled with the points card code.


The requirements to get the QR code feature enabled are:

  1. Have a Points Cards Redemption Page configured in settings.
  2. PHP GD library installed and active on your server to make possible the image generation.
    You can contact your hosting provider to install and activate it.

Redeem a points card without QR codes

The QR code is a graphical representation of an URL that redirects you to the Points Cards Redemption Page with the points card code.

If for some reason, you do not want to use the QR codes feature, you can always enter the points card code manually in the [gamipress_redeem_points_card] shortcode, block or widget.

Where are the QR codes stored

QR codes generated by Points Cards add-on gets stored in your uploads directory (commonly /wp-content/uploads/) inside the folder gamipress-points-cards.

The full path should be something like this: /wp-content/uploads/gamipress-points-cards/

How to regenerate all QR codes if my domain changes

Just remove the /wp-content/uploads/gamipress-points-cards/ directory and Points Cards will automatically regenerate them again.

Note: If you change the Points Cards Redemption Page setting, all cards will get regenerated automatically since the URL inside the QR code needs to change too.

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