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Managing commerces

You will find the Commerces screen on your WordPress admin area navigating to the GamiPress menu -> Commerces submenu.

Note: The commerces menu only appears if commerces feature is enabled on the add-on settings.


The commerces screen is a quick view of all commerces stored by GamiPress – Points Cards. Quickly you will see each commerce name, code, user account assigned to the commerce, status and actions.

Clicking on the Edit link, you will be redirected to the commerce details screen.

From the actions column you are able to approve, reject, disable or mark as pending the commerce you want.

Commerce Details

From the commerce details, you have a quick look of the commerce information.

Additional fields will get displayed from the additional fields configured from the add-on settings.

Commerce Actions

From the actions box you will be able to process some actions based on the current status of the commerce.

When the commerce is pending, you can approve or reject it.

When the commerce is approved, you can deactivate or mark it as pending.

When the commerce is rejected or inactive, you can mark it as pending again.

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