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Getting Started

Points Cards gives you the ability to bring to your users forms to extract a points amount to be used on physical places.

In addition, Points Cards comes with a full featured commerces management with applications, manual approval/rejection, commerces listing and a commerce area.

First of all, the most important to know is how this add-on works:

On the user side

  1. Any user can use a card generator form to extract a points amount, for example, 100 points.
    You can use the [gamipress_points_card_generator] shortcode, block or widget.
  2. User receives an email with the code that identifies this points card (support for QR codes).
    The email can be customized from the add-on email settings.
  3. User can go to any of the associated commerces to redeem the points card!

Note: Administrators can configure from the add-on settings an automatic expiration for points cards to force the redemption in a time frame.

On the commerce side

  1. Any user registered on your site can apply as a commerce through an application form.
    You can use the [gamipress_points_cards_commerce_area] shortcode, block or widget that displays an application form if the user is not a commerce.
  2. Administrators are able to review any application received to accept or reject it.
    Administrators can manage commerces from the admin area.
  3. Any commerce approved will have a code to use in redemption form.
  4. Commerces approved can be listed in the commerces listing block, shortcode or widget.
  5. The commerce can redeem the cards in 2 ways:
    1. Scanning a QR code that automatically redeems the points card.
    2. In the commerce area, the commerce has a redemption form to redeem cards easily by entering the card code that appears at bottom of the QR code.
  6. Commerces will get notified instantly if the points card is valid, if has been already redeemed or if has expired and will earn the points stored in the card.

Note: The commerces feature is completely optional and can be disabled at any moment from the add-on settings.

Pages created on installation

In addition, this add-on creates the following pages automatically to assign them to the add-on settings:

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