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Render a list of commerces.


  • columns – Columns to divide commerces. Accepts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Default: 1
  • additional_fields – Display the commerce additional fields. Default: yes
  • search – Display a search input. Default: yes
  • load_more – Display a load more button. Default: yes
  • limit – Number of commerces to display. Default: 10
  • orderby – Parameter to use for sorting. Accepts: id, name, code Default: id
  • order – Sort order. Accepts: ASC, DESC Default: ASC

[gamipress_points_cards_commerces columns="1" additional_fields="yes" search="yes" load_more="yes" limit="10" orderby="id" order="ASC"]

When user clicks on a commerce, the screen will show all the details of the commerce (no new page required).

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