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Configure a requirement to mark as completed

At the moment your are editing any requirement (steps, points awards or deducts and rank requirements) you are able to choose the event “Mark as completed” as you can see here:

After choose the event “Mark as completed”, a new line of settings will appear letting you decide the way the controls should be displayed (as a checkbox or as a button) and its position (before or after the requirement text):

By default, when you save the requirement with an empty label, GamiPress will generate one using the requirement configuration like the event name and its limitation settings:

Of course, you can edit this label with any text of your choice:

And this custom label is the text that will be displayed at frontend to your users:

In addition, you can configure multiples requirements using the “Mark as completed” event and configure them to being displayed in different ways. There is an example of an achievement with 2 requirements with the event “Mark as completed” and one displays a checkbox before the label and the other displays a button after the label:

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