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Reports Features

Chart and graph reports includes the ability to display the statistic in an attractive way.

Also, all of those reports include some functionalities to improve the user experience and to make the reports understand more easy for your users.

Interactive legend

All reports includes the ability to enable or disable a legend.

The legend, let’s your users show and hide dinamically any statistic they want by simply clicking on the statistic label they want as you can see on the following animation:

Statistic information

Reports legend is optional and you can disable it if you want.

Anyway, your users can move their mouse over the chart to meet to which statistic is referring each part of the report as you can see on the following animation:

Responsive reports

Reports are completely adaptable to any screen size and can be displayed anywhere, including on your sidebars (commonly are narrower that your post content) through the widgets provided with the add-on.

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