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Configuring a points gateway

You will find the Points Gateways settings on your WordPress admin area navigating to the Downloads menu -> Settings -> Payment Gateways tab.

All points types will be listed here as available gateways to be used in your Easy Digital Downloads store.

Configuring a points gateway

Clicking on the points gateway “Edit Conversion” link will take you to the points type screen. On this screen you will see a new box with the title “Points Type as Payment Gateway”:

From this box you can configure the conversion rate between this points type and your available currency.

The value of conversion rate will define the value in points of a money of your currency (for example $1) and this amount will be applied on checkout when user choose this gateway as a payment method.

Setting a conversion rate of 100 points to $1, will set a conversion rate of 1:100 which means an user can complete a purchase of $10 by expending 1000 points of this type.

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