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Sync an achievement with Credly

On each achievement edit screen you will find a new box named “Credly Data”. From this box you can enable the synchronization of this achievement with Credly as well as to setup the details to get displayed on the Credly website.

Sync with Credly
Check this option to sync the achievement with Credly.

Credly Badge Builder
Credly offers a badge builder where you can create your own images.
Our Credly add-on includes support to integrate this builder on the achievement edit screen. You just need to click the “Open Credly Badge Builder” button to load it:

Of course, you are not limited to use the Credly Badge Builder, if you upload a custom image to the achievement (through the “Featured image” box) the image will be assigned to the achievement on Credly too.

Short Description
The achievement short description on Credly (up to 128 characters).

The achievement description on Credly (up to 500 characters).

The achievement criteria on Credly up to 500 characters).

Expiration (in days)
The achievement expiration. Set it to 0 for never.

The achievement categories on Credly.

There is an example of a badge synced on Credly:

The next step could be to place a Credly login form to let your users sync their account with Credly to get all achievements unlocked on your site on Credly too.

Also, you can display only the achievements synced with Credly on your site as explained here.

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