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You will find the Credly settings on your WordPress admin area navigating to the GamiPress menu -> Settings -> Add-ons tab.


This box lets you connect your Credly account to start sync your achievements, users and earnings with Credly.

Your Credly app API key.
There is a guide to meet how to get your Credly app API key.

API Secret
Your Credly app API secret.
There is a guide to meet how to get your Credly app API secret.

Credly Account Email
Your Credly account email.

Credly Account Password
Your Credly account password.

Authorization Status
This row informs you about the authoriztion status with your Credly account. The first time you enter to this screen you will see the Not connected status.
After fill all the details required and clicking on the Authorize button its status will change to Connected if the connection with your account has been possible.

Note: Account without password (logged through an external account like Google or Facebook) are required to enable password to make this authorization possible.

Sync Options

Sync Users Automatically
Check this option to sync your users account with Credly automatically (if the user email on your site matches with the Credly account email).
Users who don’t use the same email as in Credly will need to perform this connection manually through the [gamipress_credly_login] from.

Import Achievements

Achievement Type
The achievement type to store the imported achievements from Credly.

The status to set to the achievements imported (draft, pending or published).

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