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Connect your Credly account

To connect your site achievements with Credly the first step required is to grant access to your site to your Credly account.

For this you need to create a Credly app (to get its credentials) and then pass your Credly app credentials to our Credly add-on settings.

Getting your Credly app API key and secret

Go to the Credly developers portal, sign in to your Credly account and click on the “Create an app” button:

Fill the form with your app details (name, website, address, image, etc) and click on the save button.

Now your app will be displayed and you are able to copy your API key and your API secret (to discover the API secret, you need to click on the link pointed on next image):

Configuring the Credly integration on your site

you will find the settings on your WordPress admin area navigating to the GamiPress menu -> Settings -> Add-ons tab -> Credly -> Authorization.

The first time you enter to this screen you will see the Authorization Status row as Not connected.
After fill all the details required and clicking on the Authorize button this status will change to Connected if the connection with your account has been possible.

Note: Accounts without password (logged through an external account like Google or Facebook) are required to enable password to make this authorization possible.

On get your site connected with Credly, you can import your badges from Credly with the tool included on the same settings box.

The next step could be create some achievements and sync them with Credly.

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