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Managing conditional notifications

You will find the Conditional Notifications screen on your WordPress admin area navigating to the GamiPress menu -> Conditional Notifications submenu.

Conditional Notifications

The conditional notifications screen is a quick view of all conditional notifications stored by GamiPress – Conditional Notifications. Quickly you will see each conditional notification title, status and date.

Clicking on the Edit link, you will be redirected to the conditional notification edit screen.

Conditional Notification Edit Screen

Notification Configuration

Through the Notification Configuration box you can setup the notification title and content that will be sent to your users.

The notification’s subject.

The notification’s content.
There is a list of all available tags.

Notification Style & Sound Effects

Through the Notification Style & Sound Effects box you will be able to setup custom color and sound effects for this specific conditional notification.

All fields that you left blank, will get the value from the Notifications add-on settings.

Condition Configuration

Through the Condition Configuration box you can setup the event that will process this conditional notification.

Available conditons: Reach a points balance, Unlock a specific achievement, Unlock any achievement of type, Unlock all achievements of type and Reach a specific rank.

In addition, a new set of fields will appear based on the condition you set in order to fully configure it, for example, if you choose the condition Reach a points balance you will see a new set of fields that will let you setup the points amount and the points type.


Through the Details box you can setup some of the important fields of the conditional notification that make it available to being sent.

The conditional notification’s status (active or inactive).
Note: Just conditional notification with status active will be displayed.

The conditional notification’s creation date.
Note: This field is important since first notification will be displayed after date selected.

Maximum Displays
Maximum number of times that this notification will be displayed (set 0 for no maximum).

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