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Getting Started

BuddyBoss Notifications notifies to your community members about new achievements, steps, points awards, points deductions, ranks and/or rank requirements completion using the BuddyBoss Notifications component.

It’s workflow is completely automatic, and will add the notifications automatically to BuddyBoss at the moment your users earns something. The unique requisite is to configure the notifications you want to display and the content you wish for each element notification.

This add-on comes with 2 levels of settings to let you configure the notifications:

  • General settings: That lets you configure or disable the notifications of all elements.
  • Settings by type: Available on each type edit screen where you can configure or disable the notifications by type (points, achievements or rank types).

Note: This add-on DOES NOT requires the GamiPress – Notifications add-on.
This add-on is completely independent and can work without our Notifications add-on.

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