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BuddyPress integration

If you have installed BuddyPress and the Birthdays add-on, you will be able to configure Birthdays to use a BuddyPress profile field to determine the user birthday.

Configure a profile field

The unique requirements to make a profile field compatible with Birthdays is that the field need to be configured with the type “Date” and the date format “Y-m-d” as you can see in the next screenshot:

Note: Remember to copy the field ID to being used on Birthdays settings. The field ID can be found in the URL when editing a profile field, in the part of the URL that says “&field_id={FIELD_ID}”, where {FIELD_ID} is the number that corresponds to the field ID.

Setting up Birthdays to use the profile field

Next, navigate to the add-on settings on GamiPress menu -> Settings -> Add-ons tab -> Birthdays box and check the setting “From where to check the user birthday?” to “BuddyPress Profile Field”.

Finally, you need to configure the “Field ID” option with the field ID you have copied before to get Birthdays working with this BuddyPress profile field.

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