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Getting Started

Badgr is a digital credentials platform created by Concentric Sky that enables you to issue verifiable, Open Badges as official recognition for learning achievements of any kind.

Badgr enables the creation of connected learning ecosystems that connect learning across systems such as Canvas and Microsoft Teams.

Our Badgr add-on lets you connect your GamiPress achievements with Badgr and make your website achievements shareable and open badge compatible.

First of all, and the most important, is to connect you Badgr account to sync your site with Badgr.

Next, you can start synchronising your achievements with Badgr and display only the synced achievements through the [gamipress_achievements] shortcode (this option is available for the Achievements List block and widget).

Note: From the add-on settings you can import your badges from Badgr automatically to the achievement types of your choice.

The last step is to let your users to connect their Badgr account with your site to sync all achievements they earn on Badgr (for this you have the [gamipress_badgr_login] shortcode, block and widget).

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