Is GamiPress free?

Yes, you can download GamiPress from the official WordPress plugins repository at any time.

Unique paid elements we offer are some of our add-ons but we also offer a huge number of them for free.

Is GamiPress compatible with any theme?

We built GamiPress so that it will work with modern WordPress themes. GamiPress just adds positional styles which will allow you to better customize everything for your specific needs.

Can GamiPress be easily translated?

Yes, GamiPress is stored in the official WordPress plugins repository where you (and anyone) are able to submit your own translations.

Does GamiPress work with WordPress multisite?

Yes. You can use GamiPress on a WordPress multisite network.

In addition, GamiPress has the ability to centralize all the data when is network wide active.

Does GamiPress work with WordPress rest API?

Yes. GamiPress includes full built-in support to the WordPress rest API.

You can find all information about rest API on this page.

Can GamiPress be installed on

Yes, GamiPress can be installed on a site hosted at


What type of license do you offer?

Paid add-ons are licensed for one year at a time. After that you may renew your license at a 30% discount to continue updates and support.

Each installation of the purchased add-on will require a license key in order for you to receive updates and support. For more information, visit this this page.

How do I renew a license?

All licenses renew automatically after one calendar year. If you want to make it manually check this guide.

You may cancel any license at any time.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes. We will be happy to offer a refund within 14 days of your initial purchase should you decide that it does not meet your project’s needs. We recommend you to visit our refunds policy for more information.

Do you offer free trials?

We do not offer free trials. If you purchase an add-on license and decide within 14 days that it isn’t going to be the right fit for your project, you are eligible for reimbursement per our refund policy.


Do you offer custom development services?

No, We're unable to provide custom development services, as our focus is developing the core GamiPress plugin, and the official GamiPress add-ons.

If you need customization services check our customizations page.