Youtube is the largest video sharing community where users can watch, like, share, comment and upload their own videos.

Add gamification to the Youtube video watching perform on your website to engage your users to continue viewing more videos!

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New Events

  • Watch any video When an user watches any youtube video.
  • Watch a specific video When an user watches a specific youtube video.

Important: The unique Youtube videos that trigger this activities are the videos placed through GamiPress: Youtube block, [[gamipress_youtube]] shortcode and GamiPress: Youtube widget.

Which attributes support [[gamipress_youtube]] shortcode?

[[gamipress_youtube]] shortcode supports:

  • url: The Youtube video URL or ID.
  • width: The player width (in pixels). By default, 640.
  • height: The player height (in pixels). By default, 360.
  • autoplay: Option to automatically play the video. Accepts “yes” or “no”, by default “no”.
  • controls: Option to enable or disable player controls. Accepts “yes” or “no”, by default “yes”.

Example with video URL:
[[gamipress_youtube url="" width="640" height="360" autoplay="no" controls="yes"]]

Example with video ID:
[[gamipress_youtube url="72xdCU__XCk" width="640" height="360" autoplay="no" controls="yes"]]

Can this plugin work with Youtube videos embedded in other way?

No, is required that videos are placed through the provided block, shortcode or widget to let the plugin detect when an user interacts with them.

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