WooCommerce is a free, easily customizable eCommerce WordPress plugin for selling physical products and building an online business. WooCommerce allows you to create an online store, list your products or services, and sell them on your WordPress website.

Add gamification to your WooCommerce store to engage your users to increase your sales!

This plugin automatically connects GamiPress with WooCommerce adding new activity events and features.

New Events

  • New product When an user publish a new product
  • New purchase When an user makes a new purchase (triggered 1 time on a purchase, independent of the number of products purchased)
  • New product purchase When an user purchases a product (triggered on every product purchased on a purchase)
  • Specific product purchase When an user purchases a specific product
  • Review a product When an user reviews a product
  • Review a specific product When an user reviews a specific product

New Features

  • From the product edit screen you will be able to setup an amount of points to award customers for purchase it.

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