WooCommerce Points Per Purchase Total let’s you award a percent of the WooCommerce purchase total as GamiPress points.

In addition, you can configure the percent of the purchase total to award. A few examples:

  • A 100% will award the same purchase total as points (e.g. $40 = 40 points).
  • A 200% will award the double of the purchase total as points (e.g. $40 = 80 points).
  • A 50% will award the half of the purchase total as points (e.g. $40 = 20 points).

Also, you can enable and configure it per points type so you will be able to award a 100% of the purchase total for a specific points type and a 200% for another points type.


How can I enable the points per purchase total on a points type?

After install this plugin a box titled “Points per purchase total” will appear on each points type letting you activate this feature per points type and configure the percent conversion for this points type.

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