GamiPress is the most complete gamification system that not only powers WordPress websites, also empowers site owners to create an interactive environment that makes users loyal and increase their participation. Professional Pass is the best way to make the gamification strategy your own.

All add-ons for 5 sites during 3 years!

As a Professional Pass customer, you instantly gain access to all GamiPress add-ons and upcoming ones plus support and updates.

You will receive one “master” license key to activate all add-ons on your websites.

In addition, you gain access to all assets and upcoming ones with extended license.

Save a 20%!

Purchasing the Personal Pass every year during 3 years has a cost of $1,197 ($399×3), for that, by acquiring the 3 years option, you will get it for the discounted price and save a 20%!

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All add-ons and upcoming

Gain access to all add-ons as well as any add-on added in the future!

From $49.00

From $49.00

From $49.00

From $49.00

From $49.00

From $49.00

From $49.00

You can check all add-ons included here.

Assets included too

Also, gain access to all assets as well as any asset added in the future!

From $29.00

From $29.00

From $29.00

From $29.00

From $29.00

From $29.00

You can check all assets included here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade to a different pass after purchasing?

Yes indeed! For as long as your Professional Pass subscription is active, you can visit your account page and upgrade to a higher pass level at a prorated amount.

Will I receive technical support for all add-ons?

Absolutely! Purchasing Professional Pass grants you a 3-years license key for every add-on included in the pass. As long as your license key is in good standing, we will provide add-on support at no additional charge.

Will I have a license key for each add-on?

When you purchase Professional Pass, you will be given a license key that works for every single one of the included add-ons. This “master license” can be used just on one site.

Are assets included?

Yes! The Professional Pass grants you access for every asset in our catalogue. You can check all assets included here.

What license is included for assets?

The Professional Pass grants you the extended license for all assets which permits you to use the assets on your sites.

What happens if I do not renew my license?

Your license key is subscription-based and will automatically renew every 3 years. If you decide to cancel, you may still use the add-ons but you will not receive updates or support once the license key expires.

Can I request a refund?

For our protection, no refunds are allowed for Professional Pass. For more information about refunds, licenses, subscriptions, and other matters pertaining to your purchase, view our refunds policy.

Get Professional Pass – 3 years Now


A license entitles you to 1 year of updates and support. You may require a valid license key in order for you to receive updates and support. More information

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