Notifications By Type let’s you set different notifications settings by type for Notifications add-on!

Important: This plugin requires Notifications add-on in order to work.


  • Achievement and step notification pattern by achievement type.
  • Achievement and step notification pattern by single achievement.
  • Points awards and deductions notification pattern by points type.
  • Rank and rank requirements notification pattern by rank type.
  • Rank and rank requirements notification pattern by single rank.
  • Custom notification sound effects by each type.
  • Custom notification colors by each type.
  • Disable any notification by achievement type, by single achievement, by points type, by rank type or by single rank.

Settings hierarchy

On achievements and ranks, you have the ability to set custom settings by a single item or to the whole type, the settings will be applied in following order:

  • Single item (achievement or rank) settings -> Type settings (achievement or rank type) -> Notifications settings

If you leave empty the notifications settings of a single item then type settings will be applied.
If type settings are empty, then will be applied notifications setting.

Get Notifications By Type Now

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