Important! This is a third party integration and hasn’t been developed by the GamiPress team.
If you have any doubts, please, contact to the Grassblade team since they are the original authors of this integration.

GrassBlade xAPI Companion allows you uploading and tracking of xAPI Content from any authoring tool like Adobe Captative, Articulate Storyline 360, iSpring Suite, etc.

Through this integration you can enable Experience API (xAPI) tracking of gamification data generated using GamiPress.

There are two key functions of this plugin:

1. Generate xAPI Data for GamiPress:

All points generated using GamiPress can be reported to the Grassblade Learning Record Store (LRS) via GrassBlade xAPI Companion plugin.

So, technically, if you can generate points for anything via GamiPress you can send its tracking data to the Grassblade LRS.

2. Award GamiPress points for xAPI Content:

You can generate points for different xAPI Contents supported by GrassBlade xAPI Companion.

Check GrassBlade plugin page for full details.

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