WooCommerce Partial Payments gives you the ability to enable GamiPress points types for partially pay any purchase on WooCommerce.

In just a few minutes, your users will be able to reduce any purchase total (like a discount) by using an amount of points at checkout.

In addition, this add-on includes options to set different conversions per points type, limit the maximum discount per purchase or included customize the input to enter the points amount.


  • Enable any points type for partial payments.
  • Ability to reduce any purchase total by multiples points types.
  • Set different conversion rates per each points type.
  • Ability to limit the maximum amount allowed per points type.
  • Force users to use a fixed amount of points or let them introduce the amount they wish.
  • Different inputs to let user choose exactly the amount of points he want to use.
  • Settings to limit the maximum discount allowed on a single purchase (flat or percentage limit).
  • Live controls to easily view the discount amount based on the points to use.
  • Ability to restore user points on refund.
  • Points used on a purchase will be displayed anywhere (cart, checkout, order details, invoice, etc).


Does this add-on register points types as payment gateways?

No, this add-on was designed to register points types to allow users reduce a purchase total by using an amount of points at checkout.

To register points types as a payment gateway (for full payments), you may check our WooCommerce Points Gateway add-on.


In addition you can use the WooCommerce integration to add activity events related to WooCommerce actions.

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A license entitles you to 1 year of updates and support. Each installation of the add-on will require a license key in order for you to receive updates and support. More information


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