Restrict Content gives you the ability to configure several restrictions to any post or page until user completes all the requirements specified.

Limit the content to be displayed, replace the links or images by the text you want or restrict completely the access and redirect the users that not meets the requirements.

Also, this add-on adds new features to extend and expand the functionality of GamiPress.


  • Ability to add restrictions by:
    Points earned.
    Rank reached.
    Achievements earned.
    Achievements of a specific type earned.
    All achievements of a specific type earned.
  • Restrict access to users that not meets the requirements and redirect them to the page you want.
  • Restrict the content output to users that not meets the requirements (text, links and images).
  • Ability to customize how content restriction should restrict the content:
    Until read more tag.
    Replacing content with excerpt.
    Trimming the content to a desired number of characters.
  • Ability to grant access to users manually to a specific restricted post or page.
  • Support to all registered post types with public access.